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Riding arena kick walls, gates and dressage markers

Our kick board CURVE provides horse and rider with the highest level of safety. The S-shaped kick wall does not only look elegant and stylish it also offers high impact resistance and long-lasting functionality. Quality without compromise. The riding arena boards are suitable for new constructions as well as for hall renovations and refurbishments.

Is the CURVE riding arena kick board also suitable for outdoor riding arenas?

The kick board CURVE is also suitable for the outdoor use.

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Why does not the CURVE riding arena kick wall need a additional board base?

Assembly without a board base

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Can the colour of the CURVE riding arena kick wall be adjusted?

The look of the kick board can be adjusted to the colours in your riding arena

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When are swiveling doors installed into the riding arena kick board?

Swiveling doors are perceived as filigree and aesthetic.

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Is it possible to mount the CURVE riding arena kick walls without professional installation?

The installation can be done by the customer.

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How can I saw the corner pieces of the CURVE riding arena kick board, so that I have a perfect cut?

You do not need to cut the corners, they are already cut when delivered.

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Can the CURVE riding arena kick wall be assembled free-standing?

Free-standing CURVE kick board passible.

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Why do „round corners“ in a riding arena make sense?

Riding arena kick boards with round corners

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